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Why Mahatma Gandhi is becoming popular in China

Why Mahatma Gandhi is becoming popular in ChinaFor the first time, Indian independence hero Mahatma Gandhi’s own story of his life is to be available in China.

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China’s princelings storing riches in Caribbean offshore haven

Offshore assets of China's elite revealed in leaked recordsRelatives of political leaders including China’s current president and former premier named in trove of leaked documents from the British Virgin Islands

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Dear President of China

Police in Tiananmen Square. A duel between China and Western media seems to be coming to a head/Reuters PhotoDear President Xi, in recent years there’s been a tug of war inside the global investment community between those who think China is a bubble about to burst and therefore a “screaming short” and those who believe that China has big problems

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Will ‘strongman’ Xi Jinping lead China into armed conflicts with rival neighbours?

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the CPC Central Military Commission, inspects PLA units in Guangdong province on Monday. Xi ordered the PLA to intensify its combat awareness in order to sustain military readiness. [Photo/Xinhua] President’s assertive tone and focus on military power of growing concern in region, experts say.

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Hack Tibet: Welcome to Dharamshala, ground zero in China’s cyberwar

Hack Tibet: Welcome to Dharamsala, ground zero in China’s cyberwarDharamshala, India — Lobsang Gyatso Sither sits at the front of a Tibetan school auditorium, the bright rectangle of his PowerPoint presentation dimly illuminating the first few rows of students before him.

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The three dimensions of my Tibetan spirit

There is four! no.. three! Damn I don't knowScientifically dimensions are studied not exactly as we perceive, as in the form of shape defined by length, breath n width. It is funny yet very interesting to see that dimensions can be related and studied with different aspects of our life, from mathematics to a spiritual world or as a time space n soon.

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Tibet self-immolations: Tsering Woeser and Ai Weiwei collaborate on book

Tibetan activist and writer Tsering Woeser has written a book about self-immolation protests, with cover art by artist Ai Weiwei Photograph: Bill Smith/EPATibetan poet Tsering Woeser and dissident artist Ai Weiwei have collaborated on a book about Tibetan self-immolations, attempting to explain the suicidal protests that have gripped the Himalayan region since 2009.

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Tibet, a giant load to be shouldered upon!

Where is Tibet? Tibet is a plateau region in Asia located north-east of the Himalayas. Photo: fileFor those who do not know what Tibet stands for or what exactly it is: It is the name of a country, my  “father’s” land.  Yes! I quoted it, as my father’s land not mine, unfortunately. I would have called it as mine but on what grounds.

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What drives Tibet protesters to self-immolate?

A Tibetan woman cries after Jampa Yeshi self-immolated during a protest in New Delhi, India. Photograph: Tsering Topgyal/AP

No single profile unites those who have set themselves on fire, but a look at where they did it reveals common threads.

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