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Book review: ‘Meltdown in Tibet,’ on China’s eco-destruction, by Michael Buckley

Kapil Komireddi has written from South Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

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Sizing up Xi’s ‘Friendly Overture’- Part 1

Lobsang Yeshi, an independent researcher and a member of Tibetan Parliament. Photo: Outlook Tiebt(‘Xi has no firm grip over PLA.’ ‘Xi is not responsible for the recent PLA incursion in Ladakh?’ – A Reality Check)

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No one knows Tibet better than Tibetan people

Do not forget the other side of China and Tibet Mao Zedong, a "Red-eyed Monster in the Tunic Suit', also Known as the greatest mass murderer in history terrorised the heart of the Himalayan region- Tibet Plateau in 1940s. Then Jiang Zhiming, Deng Xiaoping, Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping, one after another many "Red-eyed Monsters in the Tunic Suit" appeared to take over Mao's bloodshid legacy, and they arbitrarily and brutally killed and disappeared over 1.2 million Tibetans in their alien-invasion of Tibet. The daily life of Tibetans in Tibet is and no doubt remains fairly simple even after six decades.

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Panchsheel not in India’s interests, says Sanat Kaul

India’s warm ties with China started with the Panchsheel Agreement. But the Simla Agreement better represents our interests. Photo: Indian TodayWhile the Chinese are celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of the lapsed Panchsheel Agreement with India is also joining in, India is not bothering to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Simla Agreement of 1914, the basis on which it claims Arunachal Pradesh.

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Taiwan’s thaw with China turning to slush

 Taiwanese people hold and shoot slogans during a protest for a soldier who died after being forced to perform a vigorous exercise regime in sweltering heat. Photo: APInitial high hopes for ties with China have led to disenchantment, fueling student protests, a stagnating economy and criticism of Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou.

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Tibetan National Congress Condemns China’s “Lhasa Consensus”

Tibetan National Congress (TNC) is deeply concerned about the participation of at least 100 foreign politicians and dignitaries in a recent propaganda event by China. Photo: TNCTibetan National Congress (TNC) is deeply concerned about the participation of at least 100 foreign politicians and dignitaries in a recent propaganda event by China.

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Fissures in China’s Ethnic Policy

Paramilitary police patrolled a street near the Kunming train station after a deadly knifing rampage on March 1 that Chinese officials blamed on Xinjiang separatists.The Chinese man spying on the daughter of a prominent political prisoner at the United Nations in Geneva last week probably didn’t expect to be expelled from the international body.

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What you may have missed: Narendra Modi’s message to China

Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. Photo: Media FileThrough his diplomatic gestures and one specific ministerial appointment, Modi has sent a clear declaration of intent to Beijing

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Tibet and Scotland: standing together on independence?

Members' Business - Scottish Parliament addresses Self-Immolations in Tibet : 4th February 2014. Photo: Media File

2014 and a struggle for independence, not Tibet but Scotland.
Anyone who has been reading the news in Europe will have read about Scotland's hopefully move to become a country in it's own right away from the United Kingdom.

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