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Tibet self-immolation is the highest form of non-violent struggle

TPI FILE: Graphic image smuggled out of Tibet: November 3rd 2011 – 35 year old Tibetan Nun Palden Choetso set herself on fire protesting against Chinese suppression.Dharamshala: - Each day of the week we wake up and switch on our computers, TV or Radio, where we read and hear the tragic news about Tibet- whether a self immolation protest or an entire Tibetan town or monastery is under lock-down, imprisonments, and detentions by Chinese authorities. The people of the world, who have witnessed those above incidents, are expressing their voice about the self-immolation protest.

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China's failing policy in Tibet is 'self-defeating'

Tibetan monk. Photo: PSHow badly does the Chinese government really want to stop Tibetan self-immolations? A campaigner suggests that the rhetoric from Beijing does not match the reality of draconian policy programmes.

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Erasing Tibetan Ethnic Indentity from Chinese Citizinship: Will it Happen?

Tibetan Identity is in danger as China plans to erase ethnics' identities. Photo: Outlook TibetDharamshala: - Zhu Weiqun, of the CCP United Front, has boldly proposed abolishing all reference to nationality on the identity cards all Chinese citizens must carry, and frequently produce for inspection. This latest step towards erasing Tibetan identity as a category with legal meaning, did not come from nowhere.

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Tibet Is Burning By XU ZHIYONG

 A placard with a photo of legal scholar Xu Zhiyong is raised by a demonstrator, protesting against a Chinese court’s decision to sentence him in prison, outside the Chinese liaison office in Hong Kong. (AP/Vincent Yu)Around noon on Feb. 19, an 18-year-old named Nangdrol set himself on fire near the Zamthang Monastery in the northeast Tibetan town of Barma. In a note left behind, he wrote, “I am going to set myself on fire for the benefit of all Tibetans.” Referring to China’s ethnic Han majority as “devils,” he added, “It is impossible to live under their evil law, impossible to bear this torture that leaves no scars.”

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1959 Tibet Uprising Is World's Important Day of Protest

self-immolations in Tibet. Photo: Outlook TibetUniversal David and Goliath: The outcome matters for Australia in unseen ways, March 10 (Uprising Day) is an important day of protest for Tibetans and supporters globally. This was true also in Sydney, Australia. Yesterday (10th March) was a quiet Saturday morning, and a significant gathering with great energy and deep sadness was happening in Martin Place.

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LETTER: We need to visit Tibet

Holywood movie star Richard Gere chaired the first cession of the convention of the 6th World Parliamentarians' Convention on Tibet which was held in Ottawa , CanadaThis is an open letter to the ambassador Tian Xuejun at the embassy of the People’s Republic of China in South Africa.

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Are The Voices of Tibet’s Self-Immolators Derailed in Exile?

Self-immolations in Tibet, designed photo: Tibetotay.comSocial conflicts often involve some misunderstanding. Tibetan society is no exception. By communicating what he or she say (or do not say), Tibetans have been good at generating misunderstanding to lessen or exacerbate the outcome(s).

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Tibet Is the Test of China's Rise

Tibetan Prime Minister Lobsang Sangay speaks during the Special International Tibet Support Groups Meeting in Dharmsala, India, Friday, Nov. 16, 2012. More than hundred delegates are attending a three-day meeting ending Sunday in Dharmsala to discuss ways to gather more international support for Tibet. Photo: Ashwini Bhatia / AP  Read more: President Barack Obama's decision to visit Asia, his first foreign trip after re-election, reaffirms his administration's foreign policy pivot to Asia. The tour will attract a lot of attention throughout the region, but especially in Tibet. Mr. Obama will visit Cambodia and Thailand, two predominantly Buddhist countries, and will be the first sitting American president to visit Burma, also a majority Buddhist nation.

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Reinventing The Art of Protest?

Reinventing The Art of Protest?Wyoming, US: - From the 13th to 15th of this month, the protest against China’s next President Xi Jinping visit to Washington DC were jointly organized by two Regional Tibetan Youth Congresses (New York New Jersey and Capital Area) and Students for Free Tibet.

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