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Japan and India: a transformative entente

 Shinzo Abe, right, shook hands with Manmohan Singh at a meeting in 2007. Reuters Asia’s future rests on the strategic triangle of China, India, and Japan — countries that have never before been strong at the same time. In the coming years, Asian geopolitics will be greatly influenced by an inexorable tightening of the bonds between Japan and India, which hope to fend off China’s growing assertiveness and territorial creep.

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US attacks China over expulsion of journalist

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. Photo: ReutersWashington: The White House has sharply criticised China’s treatment of foreign journalists after a New York Times journalist was forced to leave the country.

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Japan tells world to stand up to China or face consequences

apanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe delivers his special address at the opening session of the World Economic Forum in Davos on January 22, 2014 (AFP Photo/Eric Piermont)Davos (Switzerland) – Japan on Wednesday told the world it must stand up to an increasingly assertive China or risk a regional conflict with catastrophic economic consequences.

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US official skirts around issue of a Ma-Xi meeting

Ma-Xi meeting likely in 2014?‘CONSTRUCTIVE’:A US foreign policy aide said that the White House supports cross-strait dialogue and efforts to reduce tensions.

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The Dispossession of Tibet’s Nomads

A Tibetan nomad family moving to tehir summar camp. Photo: TPI

The Israeli government recently dropped its policy of seeking to evict at least 40,000 Bedouin nomads, although the true figure may well be double that estimate, from their ancestral lands in the Negev desert.

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China censors reports about elite’s hidden funds

Everthing censored.After the publication in several international medias of revelations about the money Chinese elites hide in offshore taxe havens, the Monde, Guardian, Global Mail, El Pais and Süddeutsche Zeitung websites were blocked in China.

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New year’s resolution : China blocks The Guardian newspaper’s website

The Guardian newspaper. Photo: fileParis: - The year is off to a bad start for the foreign media in China., a website that monitors censorship in China, reported on Twitter today that the website of the British newspaper The Guardian has been inaccessible in China since yesterday.

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China activist lawyer Xu Zhiyong on trial

Human rights lawyer Xu Zhiyong is on trial in BeijingXu Zhiyong, a prominent human rights lawyer who campaigned against corruption, has gone on trial in China.

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China formally abolishes labour camps

China's labour camps. Photo: FileBeijing: - China’s top legislative committee on Saturday formally abolished the country’s “re-education through labour” camps and approved a loosening of its one-child policy, state media reported.

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