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Class XII students of Tibetan schools showing promising results over 70%

Result of Class XII students in Tibetan schools in 2016; shows progress over the years. Photo: Outlook Tibet
Dharamshala — The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) declared class XII board examination results on 21 May 2016, Saturday.
From Tibetan schools in India, 1359 students appeared in the All India Secondary School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) conducted by CBSE in March 2016, and among them 1224 passed, 18 failed and 115 were placed under compartment category (failed in one subject). This year also, the girls outshone the boys.

Among 17 Tibetan Senior Secondary Schools in India, four schools namely, TCV School Suja, TVC School Selakui, STS Paonta and SOS TCV Bylakuppe have achieved 100% result this year, whose average pass percentage stand as TCV Suja (75.147%), TCV Selekui (73.64%), STS Paonta (73.31%) and SOS TCV Bylakuppe (71.03%).

This year 342 students scored above 75% and among them 10 students scored more than 90%. This year number of students failed in the examination has decreased by 7 students and number of compartment students has increased by 15. The overall pass percentage of Tibetan schools is 90.07.

The toppers of 2016 year Class XII students from three streams are: 1) Ms. Tenzin Tsomo, TCV Selakui topped among science students with 94.2%, 2) Ms. Tenzin Nordon, Upper TCV topped among commerce student with 88%, and 3) Mr. Tenzin Phuntosk, THF, Mussoorie topped among Arts students with 92.8%.

The awardees for Gaden Phodrang Award the year 2016 are: A) Science Stream: Tenzin Tsomo, (94.2%) from TCV Selakui, Tenzin Dechen (91%) from CST Kalimpong and Tsering Sonam (89.6%) from TCV Selakui B) Commerce Stream: Tenzing Nordon (88%) from TCV Upper Dharamshala, Tenzin Namdol (83.6%) from CST Mundgod, Tenzin Yekha (82.4%) from TCV Upper Dharamshala and Thinley Wangmo (82.4%) from TCV Upper Dharamshala. And C) Arts Stream: Tenzin Phuntosk (92.8%) from THF, Mussoorie, Tenzin Bhuti (91.6%) and Tenzin Nordin (91.6%) from TCV Suja and Dawa Choedon (91 %), from CST Bylakuppe.

The above chart shows how many students from each stream have scored 75% and above since 2010.


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