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Sino-Tibetan reconciliation an 'Urgent, Historic' Task: Senior official

Special Representative Kalsang Gyaltsen addressing the opening day of the two-day Sino-Tibetan conference in Hamburg, Germany, on 26 August 2014. Photo: Outlook Tibet
Hamburg: - A peaceful resolution of Tibet’s struggle for greater freedom under Beijing’s rule must be accomplished soon if the Tibetan and Chinese people are to avoid open confrontation and violence in coming years, Special Representative Kalsang Gyaltsen said at the opening day of the two-day Sino-Tibetan conference which held in Hamburg, Germany, on 26 August 2014.

"We are gathering here at a time when in many parts of the world long-standing simmering tensions, resentment and conflicts are erupting into devastating violence and bloodshed," Gyaltsen on behalf of the Central Tibetan Administration extended its heart-felt welcome and greetings to the Chinese participants and observers of the conference “Finding Common Ground”.

The present tragic state of wars and violent conflicts in many areas of the world gives special significance and meaning to our meeting. Our conference sets in a small and modest way an important countermark to a prevailing global political culture of violence, confrontations and irreconcilability. In contrast our gathering here in Hamburg stands for the spirit of non-violence, dialogue and reconciliation in the pursuit of a just and peaceful resolution to the issue of Tibet.

"The sad state of affairs in Tibet – if left unattended any longer– represents the breeding grounds for violence and bloodshed in future – when grievances, despair and emotions spiral out of control and when death and violence are seen as the only recourse left to secure justice and a better future for their people. It is against this background that our discussions in the coming days assume special significance and urgency," he said.

He said he believes none of the participants has any "illusions about the challenges and difficulties of the task we are embarking on. However, as Tibetans and Chinese committed to the values of non-violence, justice and freedom each of us feel a personal responsibility and call to join in this historic task of bringing about genuine reconciliation and friendship between Tibetan and Chinese peoples. In this great task as Tibetans and Chinese we are as much players as facilitators. The signals each of us and as a group send impact whether this conflict moves towards a peaceful resolution or open confrontation and violence."

"The quest for a peaceful resolution through non-violence and dialogue is no doubt a very tough and challenging task. But it is also clear that Tibetans and Chinese would have to pay a much higher price in terms of human suffering and political turmoil when this quest is abandoned." It is for this reason that – like many of you – he said he "feels a sense of pride, honour and a deep sense of purpose to be part of this noble undertaking. This is a cause in which Tibetans and Chinese present here believe with full conviction and commitment."

"Of course this conference will not resolve the issue of Tibet. But it can, however, be the start and the beginning of an important process (Sino-Tibetan Conference opens in Hamburg). He said "It is, therefore, important that this meeting lays down a solid groundwork for a robust process of regular contact, exchange, co-operation and joint-initiatives between Tibetan and Chinese stakeholders."

Towards this task he said he "believes human relationship and bonding are of critical importance that leads to shared commitment, dedication and resolve for a common cause. In this spirit let us make a beginning at this gathering in sowing the seeds for a resolution of the Tibet issue through dialogue and negotiations in the spirit of reconciliation. Let us use these days in Hamburg to bond with each other as human brothers and sisters committed to the cause of friendship and peace between Tibetan and Chinese peoples."


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