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Tibetan Youth Group sends an urgent appeal letter to president of China

Tibetan youths during their first meeting held in Dharamshala, India. Photo: Outlook Tibet
Dharamshala: - On December 10th, International Human Rights Day, the newly founded "educated" Tibetan Youth Group has requested the attention of the President of China to the recent tragic self-immolations in Tibet. Following is the full text of the letter to Mr. Xi Qing Ping.

Mr. President, new cabinet members and government officials of the regions at where the self-immolation protests have been taking place.

Respected Mr. Xi Qing Ping, the newly appointed president of PRC(People's Republic of China)
As you and your esteemed government officials of PRC, clearly know that over the last 60years, His Holiness and the whole Tibetans, have been continuously appealing the Chinese government, to change its faulty policy on Tibet which is the underlying factor for all those restless turbulences inside Tibet including the so-far immolation cases.

Since the worldwide Tibetans uprising protest in 2008, which marked as the ‘earth-rat year, grand protest’ according to Tibetan lunar calendar, the Tibetans have been solely indebted to the path of non-violence and purely voiced for Tibet’s freedom for the sake of global peace. But the Chinese government has been using its full length of restriction and torture to the peaceful demonstrators that draws discrimination between Tibetans and Chinese which fueled the tensed situation.

Moreover, the China rather than understanding the deep grievances of the Tibetan people and to change its repressive policy, there has been more repressions, more arrest, more imprisonment and more number of killings. So, under these unbearable inhumane repressions, till date 92 Tibetans inside Tibet has been opting to give up their life by burning themselves, clearly calling for the ‘Return of The Dalai Lama and freedom to Tibet’. But the Chinese government accused them of mental-abnormal, no goal in life or some sort of family problems so on in a way and at the same time, China has been accusing the Dalai Lama and CTA let exile Tibetan community at the back of these immolations.

But this is the time to remind you Mr. President and your government that there is no room for the lie to last and the Tibetans fighting for the truth will never end.  So, this is not late to act before facing a tragic consequence.

Infact, some of the Central and local Chinese government officials claim that the on-going self immolations are localized or regionalized problems but the fact is that this fiery act of immolation is happening all over Tibet’s region, irrespective of age, young and old, irrespective of religious sects, monks and nuns, writers and educationist, farmers and nomads with all spheres of livelihood background clearly shows the whole world that it is not an individual person or a localized regional problem.

The desperate crying call of the Dalai Lama’s return to Tibet and freedom to Tibet by the self immolators during the fiery act clearly reveals the desperate wishes of the Tibetan people. Despite the materialistic richness and the economic changes in Tibet, Tibetans are cultured more being faith in religion and being in believe of mental happiness.

So we expect you, Mr. Xi QingPing and your cabinet will not continue these repressive policies in Tibet, rather you should understand the underlying grievances and the deep wishes of the Tibetan people to resolve the Tibet issue. Even in the past, there were leaders like Mao, Hu Yao Pang and your dear father, Xi ZhongXun, who strongly considers Tibet to be of special status in the mainland China and need to address more realistic and more effective solution over the Tibet’s problem.

The cruel policy of your government to delink the unique relationship between His Holiness the Dalai Lama in exile and the Tibetans inside Tibet is totally a baseless hope which rooted the primary causes of all the peaceful protests inside Tibet. The return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama not only fulfills the wishes of his fellow Tibetans but also it would benefit the lives of those 13 billion Chinese Buddhist followers inside China. So, to create a peaceful coexistence among the Chinese and the Tibetan people in the essence of brotherhood, this is the right opportunity for you Mr. President to invite the Dalai Lama.

Moreover China’s short sighted policy over Tibet including permanent removal of His Holiness portrait from the Tibetan houses is the major cause of serious frustrations among the Tibetans which they feel best expressed by sacrificing their own life in the fiery act of self immolation rather than living under such oppressions. So, we strongly urge your government to base the stand of Tibet policy in accord of the real situation inside Tibet.

Today the worldwide nations and the people respecting the human rights, deeply concerns over the on-going self immolations, but China instead of hearing the desperate calls of those immolators, they oppress the deceased families for conducting the funeral rituals and continuously restricts the fellow Tibetans coming for solidarity which deepens the crisis rather to create a harmonious society.

Example: the recent distribution of 5 points rule by the Chinese officials in Malho region and also the questionnaire paper so called, ’10 points of foresighted perspectives’ in Tsolho region and specially the announcement of monetary rewarding to those who give information in regard of self-immolations in Kanlho region may bring an unexpected result in the long run. So, under these kinds of unfavorable situations, China’s so called to develop a harmonious and peaceful society can never be achieved and it will always remain in the wording context.

To a person, self-immolation is the only highest level of sacrifice and the ultimate choice left. When a person already decided to sacrifice his life, he has crossed the feel of every fear and left nothing to worry. It is not impossible to happen any unexpected things, if we don’t care the reality and the precious human life. So, the Chinese government should find a way to fulfill the wishes of the self immolators. Stepping towards equal humanity and harmonious coexistence, we humbly urge Mr. President of PRC, the following demands to enact at your earliest:
1.      Form an independent Chinese committee to investigate the deep-root causes of the Tibetan’s self immolation.
2.      Investigate the ineffectiveness of the local Chinese officials in the regions of self immolation.
3.      The present conditions of those self-immolators, who were arrested, should be made clear and let them have the proper medication to live their life by handing over to their concerned relations.
4.      Stop the baseless accusations and the untrue branding of the causes and events leading to the self immolations.
5.      To listen freely the true causes of these self-immolations from those respectable public figures such as, high Lamas, officials, retired, educated and elders so on.
6.      PRC should seriously consider the over-whelming call of His Holiness return to Tibet and the freedom to Tibet by the self-immolators, which are also the wishes of all Tibetans.
7.      Instead of using violence onto the peaceful protesters like the self immolations and the non-violent student up-risings, they must resolve the issue by addressing the desperate wishes of the Tibetans.
8.      PRC should properly reply the recent 8 points demand which jointly submitted by high school Tibetans, Lamas and monks in the monastery.
9.      Stop the governmental distributions about the inhuman explanation on the act of self immolations which creates greater disturbances among the Tibetans.
10.  The best way to resolve the Sino-Tibet issue is to resume dialogue between the two sides without delay.
11.  We strongly appeal to release all Tibetan  intellectuals, particularly Mr. Dolma kyab,  who were imprisoned by violating the freedom of speech.


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