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Tibetan Activists Advised To Stay Away From Chinese Cyber Attacks

Internet security is crucial when dealing with the communist regime China. Photo: Outlook Tibet
Following a spate of cyber attacks, cyber security experts Saturday advised Tibetan activists to stay protected from Chinese cyber attacks.

"We have to know who made the software and who owns the software before using it and we have to read the condition-note before using any of them," said Tibetan Cyber Security Trainer Lobsang Serthar according to the Voice of Tibet.


Lobsang also said that Tibetans have to know if the software company has any close link with the Beijing government before downloading it on their computer.

Pointing out the China based, voice messaging communication service - We Chat,  Lobsang said it is not reliable for the activists who are anti Beijing government.

"One thing, We Chat is developed by a Chinese and second thing, it doesn't have a protocol for secure communication- HTTPS," said Lobsang Serthar.

The global leading cyber security developer, Kaspersky Lab recently said that it has detected a new targeted attack against Uyghurs and Tibetan activists that came through Android based mobile devices.

The Anroid malware used in the attack is said to be stealing personal data including messaging history and address book.

The attack started with the hacking of an email of a Tibetan activist and by using that hacked account, the cyber attackers sent 'spear-phishing' emails to the activist's contact list.

The malicious messages attacked Tibetan, Ugyghur, Chinese and Mongolian activists who are anti Chinese government.

"This attack is believed to be the first of this kind utilizing fully functional Android malware and specifically targeting mobile devices of potential victims," reported Tempo news portal Sunday.


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