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Single group of hackers targets Uyghur, Tibetan activists

Chinese hackers snooping on Tibetans' activities around the world: Photo: FileThe information sought would be of most interest to a nation-state, Palo Alto said in a new report.

China tightens rules on Internet use, online comments

In 2006, these two animated characters, Jingjing and Chacha, appeared on websites in Shenzhen, China, to remind Internet users that they were being monitored.Beijing — China announced Wednesday that users of blogs and chat rooms will be required to register their names with operators and promise in writing to avoid challenging the Communist political system, further tightening control over Internet use.

New weather satellite opens its eyes on western U.S.

New weather satellite opens its eyes on western U.S. Photo: File

There was a changing of the guard 22,300 miles above Earth on Tuesday as an 11-year-old weather observatory gave way to its replacement to cover the western view of the Americas. The Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite 11, or GOES 11 for short, downlinked its final visible-light, full-disk image on Monday at 2100 GMT as it prepared for retirement.

Tibetan Activists Advised To Stay Away From Chinese Cyber Attacks

Internet security is crucial when dealing with the communist regime China. Photo: Outlook TibetFollowing a spate of cyber attacks, cyber security experts Saturday advised Tibetan activists to stay protected from Chinese cyber attacks.

Human Beings and Universe: A Mysterious Bond

Big bang III

As a child whenever I cried or felt disturbed, my mother would make me glance at the sky, beautiful stars and the moon and console me. More than often I was satisfied and happy with such glances. As I started growing up, people again pointed at the sky telling me there lies the heaven.  Though such arguments do not interest me anymore, one thing I realize at this point of my life, that human has a mysterious relation with rest of the universe.

Apple censors Tibet book app in latest concession to Chinese government

 China is Apple's fastest growing market and the second-largest after the US. Photo: AFP/GETTYApple has ejected an app that offered access to banned books from its App Store in China, in the latest sign of the technology giant’s willingness to appease the Chinese government.

Buddhism as Technology: For Envolving Minds

Sand Mandela of Tibetan Buddhism. Photo: FIle

I’m not a spiritual person. I’ve studied and practiced Buddhism for ten years. If those two statements seem antithetical to you then please allow me to explain how they are not. I believe a lot of people involved with technology misunderstand Buddhism and I hope to clarify a few points for them here.

How China gets the Internet to censor itself

In 2006, these two animated characters, Jingjing and Chacha, appeared on websites in Shenzhen, China, to remind Internet users that they were being monitored.By Just who owns the Internet, and who has the right to control what content is available on it? Is it sovereign territory, or is it free from the confines of antiquated earthbound laws?


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