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Life and Style

Long-standing and unique Tibetan clothing and ornaments

Tibetan women in Lithang, Kham, eastern Tibet. Photo: Outlook Tibet

Long-standing and unique Tibetan clothing and ornaments are featured by diversified styles and patterns as well as bright color. It is traditional costume formed from ancient times under the influence of climate in the area, people's production activities and the religious culture.

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Tibet Strives to Double its Medicine Output Value by 2015; Say Officials

Uninvited visitors in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. Photo: FileLhasa, Tibet: -- Tibet autonomous region aims to double its pharmaceutical industry's output to 1.3 billion yuan (204 million U.S. dollars) by 2015, Chinese pharmaceutical authorities told Chinese state controlled media Xinhua Wednesday.

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China Claims Tibet will Benefit from $47 Billion, Plan for 2011-2015

The Han colonisation of Tibet.Dharamshala: An official of the communist regime has claimed that China is planning to spend 300 billion yuan ($47 billion) for development of the so called Tibet Autonomous Region between 2011 and 2015, with 90.5 billion yuan to finance roads, railways, hydropower stations and other infrastructure.

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China Increases Economic 'Assistance' to Nepal

Chinese Financial support to Nepal. Photo: Outlook Tibet/File

Dharamshala: The Chinese government's Xinhua news agency is reporting that a series of agreements have been signed on Monday by officials in Kathmandu, Nepal, to increase financial assistance given to Nepal by neighbouring China.

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