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Mysterious ice avalanches in Tibet leave scientists puzzled

Satellite image of both avalanches taken from NASA's Terrasatellite on October 4, 2016. Photo. NASA Earth ObservatoryLondon — Two massive ice avalanches that occurred in close proximity in Tibet's Aru Range have left scientists struggling to understand what might have caused them, with one calling the occurrence "unprecedented".

Tibet’s plea: fix the roof of the world before it’s too late

Tibet is the world’s highest and largest plateau.’ Photograph: Purbu Zhaxi/Xinhua Press/CorbisThe roof of the world. That is what Tibet has long been known as. The phrase conjures up images of summits, with their mountain peaks, glaciers, permafrost and the nomads who live on the land.

Mining Disaster at Gyama: Just Upstream from Lhasa, the capital of Tibet

The Gyama mine landslide occurred on March 29, state media said that over 80 people had been buried. Photo: Outlook TibetThe disastrous waste of 83 human lives at China’s copper and gold mine in Tibet, at Gyama, is a reminder of China’s plans for intensive extraction of Tibetan wealth, for China’s lowland factories.

Monitoring China’s biggest hydropower plant in Tibet, says India

FILE - Picture shows the Zangmu Hydropower Station in Gyaca county in Lhoka, or Shannan prefecture, southwest China's Tibet region, Nov. 23, 2014.New Delhi: As China completed the biggest hydropower plant in Tibet, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) spokesperson Vikas Swarup on Thursday said India is monitoring the situation and may convey its concerns to Beijing.

Fatal Landslide Draws Attention to the Toll of Mining on Tibet

Rescuers on Saturday headed to the disaster site to search through debris at a gold mine after a mudslide in the Gyama Valley in Tibet on Friday buried 83 people. Photo: Color China Photo, via Associated PressBEIJING — One after another, the bodies have kept coming. By Wednesday, rescuers had pulled 66 dead miners from the snow-covered rubble. They expect to find more.

Three-parent IVF can produce babies free of disease, so let’s welcome it

 'The news that MPs have voted to allow three-person IVF babies to prevent some mitochondrial diseases will be welcomed by all those who care for such patients, as well as their families.' Photograph: ZEPHYR/SPL/Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF I remember the first patient I looked after with mitochondrial disease. He had been playing football with his friends, then out of the blue he had a fit and was brought to hospital.

Statement of Health Kalon on World TB Day

Dr Tsering Wangchuk Health Kalon. Photo: CTADharamshala: - March 24 commemorates the day in 1882 when Dr Robert Koch discovered the cause of tuberculosis, the TB bacillus. Since then 24th March is observed every year as World TB Day worldwide.

Health Kalon’s Message on World Diabetes Day

Dr. Tsering Wangchuk Minister, Department of Health, Central Tibetan Administration. Photo: TPIToday we observe the World Diabetes Day under the theme “Healthy living and Diabetes”

Top Ten Cliches About Environment In Tibet

Mount Kailash and a nomad's tent. Photo: Tom Riddle/2007- has a set of slogans that define its approach to the environments of the Tibetan Plateau.

Poisoning Tibetan Rivers: Why is it not so natural?

Fig1. River Poisoned by Gyama Mine, Fig2. Dokar Village where the poisoned river flow through, and Fig3. Dokar Village with Gyama Mine Site seen in the background. Photo: Media file“In the past, our rivers were crisp and clean, the mountains and valleys were known for their natural beauty. But now the rivers are polluted with poisonous waste from the mines,”  is what a local resident said to RFA hoping that letting the  news out to the world would at least raise pressure on local authorities to act as the  people’s government,  rather than of the mining companies.

Buddhism, Big science, Truth claims and Climate crisis

River on the roof of the world ... the Yarlung Tsangpo/Brahmaputra river. Photograph: Imaginechina

Crisis? What Environmental Crisis? Finding an Authentic, Skilful Response to the Planetary Debate. Presentation by Gabriel Lafitte to Global Buddhist Congregation environment panel stream, Delhi November 29 2011

Illegal coal mine encroaching on nature reserve in north-west China

A fox searches for food at the bottom of the Qilian mountains. In the background, an opencast coal mine belonging to the Qinghai Kingho Coal Group. Picture: Wu Haitao/GreenpeaceCoalfield 14 times the size of the City of London turns alpine meadows into craters in Qinghai, Greenpeace investigation reveals.

China Plans to Divert Tibet's River: Feasible?

A map for Yarlung Tsangpo, Asia's largets river. Photo: File

Dharamshala: - As Tibet's Yarlung Tsangpo (Hindi: Brahmaputra) - Asia´s biggest river -experiences its worst drought in the last 50 years, there are now reasons to wonder whether the western lifeline of the so called South-North Water Transfer Project will transport enough water for feeding the thirsty Northern China Plain.

Khoryuk: Tibetan Ways of Doing Environment

Tibetan Nomad Family with 5 children and Tibetan Mastiff Dog in Yushul county, Kham region of eastern Tibet. Photo: Outlook TibetNaming the key environmental issues in Tibet: a reflective blog on categories we use. What would you say are the key environmental issues in Tibet?

Tibet’s Mining Menace: Resource Nationalism Rather Than Market Logic

Chinese minning zone which destructive, near Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. Photo: File

The Tibetan Plateau holds the key to China’s accelerating demand for heavy metals, say authorities. But this plan is driven by resource nationalism rather than market logic, argues Gabriel Lafitte.


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