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New fonts give Tibetans texting options on Android phones

The Qomolangma-Horyig font, a popular typeface among the Qomolangma Tibetan fonts, was once reserved for the seals of imperial families and living Buddhas.[Photo/China Daily]The release of brand-new Qomolangma Tibetan fonts by the China Tibetology Research Center means the iPhone is no longer the only mainstream option for Tibetans who want a smartphone that can display their language.

History of Tibetan legal System: Past and present

Map of Tibet. Outlook TibetDharamshala: - Tibet has long history of its own distinct legal system which can be traced back to the early Christian era. But, with the advent of Tibetan language under the first historical King Songtsen Gampo (620-866AD), the first codified law was written under this great empire.

Faith Alone Is Insufficient - Be a 21st Century Buddhist: His Holiness

His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet. Photo: Outlook Tibet

Karnataka, India: - His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet began a three-day visit to south India on December 5 and, during his teachings at Gyudmed Tantric University in Karnataka state, told followers that one should strive to become a 21st century Buddhist with both traditional values and a modern education.

Thousands of Tibetan students protest China’s education policy

Schoolchildren during the peaceful protest on a street outside Rongwo monastery in Rebgong in Amdo Province (China’s Qinghai Province) on 9 November 2012/Photo/TCHRDDharamshala: - Thousands of Tibetan students at Sorig Lobling medical school in Chabcha (Ch: Gonghe) protested against the distribution of a ten-point political questionnaire and accompanying “patriotic education” sessions that contained disparaging remarks against the Tibetan spiritual leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Preserving Unique Culture, Tibetan Education Flourishes in UK


London- The education of Tibetan children in exile is of paramount importance to the Tibet cause. Many would deem that teaching children about their homeland, most of whom have never even seen Tibet would be difficult. However, as a shining beacon of hope, the Tibetan community in Woolwich, London (UK) have proved otherwise.

Two Major Initiatives Propel The 14th Kashag’s Education Agenda

Sikyong Lobsang Sangay at the TEP Launch Ceremony with USAID India Mission Director William Hammink and Tibet Fund RepresentativesDharamshala: - Within a span of three days, the Central Tibetan Administration’s Department of Education announced two major initiatives aimed at addressing the core educational priorities of the 14th Kashag.

CST Principal and Students on Changing Times, Tibetan Identity

Tibetan Cultural and Exhibition Meet held at CST Mundgod, Indian State of Karnataka, South India. Photo: Outlook Tibet/file

Mundgod In Focus: In a series of special features, TPI journalist Colleen McKown reports from India's largest Tibetan settlement, Mundgod, in the southern state of Karnataka.

Indian Students Received Educational Programme on Tibet

Students listening to the talk on Tibet.New Delhi: - An educational program on Tibet was organized jointly by New Delhi based India Tibet Coordination Office and Bal Bharati Public School on Friday, 23 November 2012.


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