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Tibetan Documentary Shines in Manchester Film Festival

Mr. Lobsang with bex -co ordinator & director john at Manchester film festival, UK, 8th December 2011.  Outlook Tibet
‘Passport Photos,' a film on urban Tibetans was screened as a part of Insight Film Festival held in Manchester, United Kingdom on 3rd and 4th of December. The two-day film festival focuses on films of faith, offering a platform where faith can be explored, discussed and understood and Passport Photos battled 300 documentaries from across the world to receive an official selection award.

Produced by Black Coffee Productions and Think Tibet, ‘Passport Photos' is a short documentary film comprising of a collection of conversations with young urban Tibetans named Tenzin.

Directed by Preetam Koipillai in collaboration with Tenzin Jangchup Lingpa and Lobsang Thardoe this short documentary is set against the milieu of the Tibetan passport of Tsepon Wangchuk Deden Shakabpa that was revealed in Nepal in 2003.

In a set of several short interviews, the characters speak about their lives, families, dreams and what it means to be living in exile and how almost all of them share the same first name - Tenzin.

This 15-minute documentary was first premiered at the IBN Arabi Film Festival in Murcia, Spain on January 31, 2011. Following the rave reviews and critics' thumps-up for this niche film, it was screened at seven other 2011 International Film Festivals.

After touring Vientianale International Film Festival in Laos, Dawson City International Short Film Festival in Canada, MCM International Short Film Festival in Netherland, Outbox International Short Film Festival in Lebanon, Kimera International Film Festival in Italy, Australian Refugee Film Festival in Australia and I've seen Films International Film Festival in Italy, it finally arrived in Manchester, UK.

As a part of an interactive exercise, Lobsang Thardoe, Program and Project Manager of Think Tibet, took active part in the scriptwriting workshop by Frank C. Boyce and a screenwriting workshop by Henry Swindell post the screening on the first day.

The second day had Mr. Thardoe speaking to an enthusiastic audience about the movie and on Tibet. "It was wonderful to be here at the Insight Festival. I had the opportunity of meeting the Lord Mayor of Manchester, who was the Chief Guest, and speak briefly about Tibet," he stated.


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