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Tibet Architectures: monastery, palace, tomb & folk house

Traditional Potala Palace. Photo: Outlook TibetWhen talking about Tibetan architecture, most people associate it with Tibetan Buddhist architecture, especially the elaborately decorated temples and monasteries with notable Buddhist characteristics. However, Tibet architecture is more than that.

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Tibetan Architecture: Still a comparatively unexplored field

Traditional Tibetan architecture Photo: Outlook TibetTibet has produced one of the world's most unique and easily-recognizable forms of architecture. Nevertheless, systematic study of Tibetan architecture is still a comparatively unexplored field.

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Tibetan Artist Transports Twenty Tonnes of soil from Tibet to India

Kalon tripa, Dr. Lobsang Sangay walks on Tibetan soil at TCV, near Mcleod Ganj, Dharamshala, India, 26th October 2011. Photo: TPI

Dharamshala: - The Tibetan contemporary artist Tenzing Rigdol has transported 20,000 kg of soil from Tibet to Dharamshala, northern India, to build a site-specific installation.

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Tibetan art and architecture almost entirely religious in character

Tibetan Buddhist architecture. Photo: Outlook TibetTibetan art and architecture have been almost entirely religious in character (see Tibetan Buddhism). The art of Tibetan Lamaism retains strong elements drawn from the forms of both Hinduism and Buddhism in India and Nepal, and was later influenced by the arts of China.

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Lhasa Jebumgang temple, 3-D model by Ken Okuma based on THF survey. Photo: Tibet Haritage Fund

TADC was founded in 1991 as an integral part of the Library of Tibetan Works & Archives (LTWA), JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING . It primarily aims to act as a significant guiding force for disseminating information about Tibetan Architecture as a living and evolving practice.

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